Power of Magento Ecommerce Stores in Need of Business Improvement

Online stores ensure the availability of each desired thing on few clicks. We can find and buy almost everything from these stores, whether it is cosmetics, medicine, clothes, flower bouquets, birthday or anything related to the events of daily life. With this, these stores have proven to be life-changing in this contemporary era.

A brief introduction of Magento: As we know, Magento is the most popular and common e-commerce platform. With time, It gains its peak and ranks itself amongst the top-rated e-commerce platform. Due to this gain of popularity, it is no more a surprise that Magento powers a lot of popular e-commerce stores. Thus, the stores, which are using Magento, are being ensured to be optimized for all visitors. Magento allows users to run multiple e-commerce stores using one platform and having different products.

Why does e-commerce store need to be optimized?
Optimization is a long way process and requiring continuous efforts. When we talk about the optimization of e-commerce store; we talk about numerous factors that impact the speed and performance of our e-commerce store, i.e., Improve product pages, use personalization, optimize for mobile, use an Upsell, overcome specific objections, troubleshoot common errors, etc. The owner must optimize these factors to get maximum conversions. Let’s elaborate this thing with an example; if the page takes less than one second to load, it will drastically improve the conversion rate and have a great impact. Thus, the optimization of e-commerce is profitable for the leading performance of Magento.

Features and tips for optimizing Magento e-commerce store:

  1. Powerful hosting plan
    Magento is all around the hosting plans. Do not go for a cheap hosting plan, as, it can ruin the functionalities of your Magento e-commerce store. The best approach is to buy the best hosting plan to earn millions of bucks. Best hostings provide the best loading time, and this feature is amongst the most notable things which are required for a website to rank in search engine. If you have a vast product inventory, an astonishing store and excellent resources, then, there is no reason left behind to buy cheap hosting plan instead of best hosting plan.
  2. Optimized images and video
    Images and videos play a prime role in getting the attention of the audience and help them in understanding the product with more ease. Hence, high-quality infographics (images containing information about the product) and videos are playing a vital role in appealing towards the store and result in more conversions. Instead of enhancing the range of the store, video and images also used in SERP ranking of the store. There are a few things which are necessary for using images and videos for your store:
    • Use high-quality images and videos
    • Use engaging images and videos
    • Help users to understand your product
    • Images must be clear and appropriate in size according to your design
    • File size must not be too large to load
  3. Responsive, mesmerizing and eye-catching website design
    After landing on your e-commerce store, the first thing that grabs the attention of the customer is your website’s theme. Your chosen theme has a direct impact on the customer’s experience. If a customer visits your store and sees the followings: website design makes it hard to click on several items, cut off or doesn’t load properly; then, you must have to go for a more friendly design. Nevertheless, working with a Magento expert is remarkably profitable. Henceforth, the most important thing to count is selecting a template (design or theme) that matches your services.
  4. User-friendly navigation
    Mostly, the themes which are chosen by the owners, are primarily focusing on the landing (might be the home page) page. These landing pages hardily bettered the user experience as the shoppers are here on your Magento store to find their desired product or desired info about the product. Therefore, your website must specify brief and comprehensive details about that product. Your product description should convince the shopper to buy your product. Your Magento store’s products require you to write about the product along with the pictures from several angles. So the need is to focus on the content (which must be informative, brief and carrying desired information) regarding the products and services you offer with it.
  5. Intuitive checkout process
    Remember! Your goal is to sell your Magento e-commerce store’s products to the customers. These customers follow the crystal funnel technique to reach and buy a product from your Magento store. Therefore, e-commerce stores have different aptitudes that other websites do not. A person (customer) can search product, fulfil orders and then pay for his chosen product.
  6. Eliminate invasive pop-ups and ads
    Let us talk in reality, have you visit a store that starts bombardment of ads, pop-ups and special offers? Irritating, correct?
    Your buyer and Google think identical!
    That’s why Google less likely to show these e-commerce websites in the search results (ranking).
  7. Reduce heavy content
    High-quality and SEO-optimized content are good to get rank in search engine results. It also helps the user to get more info about your product. Nevertheless, too much content can also reduce the loading speed of your Magento e-commerce store (or even can down the website).
  8.  Increase e-commerce conversions on mobile
    With the advent of time, customers mostly like to search and buy things from their mobiles. As an e-commerce store, this gives you more advantage, do mobile-SEO and help in landing maximum users on your store.
  9. Upgrade store search
    Magento offers powerful, and simple search integration with the usage of AJEX based algorithm. The most exciting thing about Magento search is that we can also speed it up by using third-party’s search extension, i.e., Elasticsearch to the store. This thing has an impact on both user experience and sales.
  10. Attractive and engaging CTA
    Mostly, customers are attracted to offers, deals and super discounts.
    It is also essential to present the deals at the right positions on your store using the call to action buttons. An attractive and engaging call to action button can convert users into customers.
  11. Mobile-friendly store
    The most important thing about mobile e-commerce is that it’s here to stay! Stats says, at the end of 2021, more than 54% e-commerce will take place using mobiles, while this score was just 12% back in 2018. However, while using mobiles for stores, 67% of users complaints about small icons and link.
  12. Modernized check-out process
    Some potential transactions have abandoned at the checkout pages, which are too complicated or too long for the users. This difficulty level for the users to interact with the website will lead to empty cart and never return. So, make sure that you are using the modernized checkout process and provide the user with security, safety, easy and fast transaction.
  13. Give precedence to conversions rather users
    Statistics depict the conversion rate on the e-commerce store is between 2-9%. This conversion rate directly affects the business and must be increased to flourishing the business. There are plenty of techniques that urge the users to land on your Magento store. However, these techniques do not motivate users to become clients. Thus, apply those strategies that not only bring the users but also make them your regular clients.
  14. Establish flat catalogues
    This catalogue is of tremendous benefit to speed up and intensify the performance of Magento e-commerce store. In this type, the database generates a single table against a single product instead of classifying the data into multiple tables. This predecessor statement indicates that it boosts query speed and data fetching time.
  15. Test everything on Magento e-commerce store
    There indeed exists plenty of techniques, and very few of them can effectively apply to your store. Therefore, check your strategy before finalizing it for your store. It is crucial for Magento e-commerce store to increase its conversion rate, as high sales volume results in high profit.

Thinking to Start An E-commerce Business?

It’s an age of online businesses. As we all know that the world has been affected by the pandemic and the current situation is in favor of online or E-commerce businesses. The best thing about e-commerce business is that the number is constantly growing. The estimate of revenue is regularly increasing. It never leaves you in loss. So the question arises: how to start an e-commerce business from start? Here are some step-by-step points that will definitely help everyone who is thinking of starting an e-commerce business.

The points are as follow:

Decide the Business Type and niche:

The very first step to start an online business is to decide the niche and type of business. People sell different types of things and services to the customers. You can sell any product like beauty care, health care, and home care products or you can sell any services like if any home services or food delivery, etc. All types of markets have space for e-commerce businesses.

Choose your Business Name:

Once you have selected your e-commerce business type and niche, the next step is choosing a name. Always pick a name that is unique and clarifies your business to the audience. Be wise while deciding the name and go for legal advice. Make sure the business name you select is not already claimed by some other company. Business structures must be legal and business entities must implement financial implementations.

Pick a Domain and Build a Website:

After selecting business type and name, look for the relevant domain, and create an e-commerce website. Choose a domain that is relevant to your business and accessible in the region where your target audience is. There are many hosting providers that sell different domains and hosting services. You can find them online or in your circle. Pick a domain wisely and acquire it.

After domain, choose an e-commerce platform and design a website. E-commerce websites are a bit different from general websites as there is a complete shopping cart system plugged into these websites. So it is better if you design and develop websites from authentic and experienced resources so that your system does not have any complications when you start a business.

Domain Search
Domain Search

Market your e-commerce business:

Make sure you have listed all of your products and services on the website and your website up-to-date and running well. Now you are ready to sell your products and services and serve your online customers. Just like normal businesses, you also have to market your e-commerce business to get people to know about you and your business.

People and businesses adopt different strategies to market their business life SEO, content marketing, social media ads, influencers marketing, and many more. However, SEO is the most basic marketing method that every business needs to adopt. With time, business grows and matures and you will start earning more money and will be able to adjust your marketing strategies and find the best for your business.