Build A Structured Website to Improve SEO

The main principle for any website to achieve a top ranking in search engines is to organized a complete website structure. There should be a decent structure planned for every website before the development stage so it can be easily maintainable. A team can determine how the content will be organized and which structure can be suitable for the overall website’s UX design. It is a common mistake for some of the websites to have a bunch of categories in the main navigation and disorganized content that becomes complex for search engines to understand the layout of the content. The structure of the website determines how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is going to work and where the website will be ranked. Here are some of the key points to know how the website content can be prepared to have successful SEO as well as for user usability.

a) Keep primary navigation as simple as possible:
The main navigation for any website should always have links to primary pages that are important and other links can remain in the footer for simplicity. Sometimes a bunch of categories and cluttered menus can be confusing for users to navigate the site and that can also affect the SEO of the website.

b) In an earlier stage of web designing is better to plan a hierarchy structure first:
The biggest advantage for starters is that they can begin a website from scratch by keeping SEO guidelines in their mind and have a structure planned for the content. Before developing a site, first outline a strategy for the website, and then start creating all pages in CMS. The most reliable technique is to build a hierarchy composition for web pages and keep the same process till the end of completion of the application. You will need to assure that the hierarchy for the website is relevant and straightforward to utilize for both the users and search engine crawlers. All categories have to be unique and distinguished. Any subcategory under the main category should be appropriate and suitable for the section.

Website Structure
Website Structure

c) Page links or URL should reflect a formation of your navigation hierarchy:
The next most essential piece for the website is generating page links or URL based on the navigation categories or hierarchy. If the hierarchy structure has already been developed from the beginning then creating relevant page links shouldn’t be challenging to grasp. Here’s a pattern to understand this method and that can be followed throughout the site:

d) Proper styling for main navigation is a preferred strategy:
When the navigation has been built for the website, it is essential to retain the code simplicity and organized it by avoiding too many subcategories. For instance, page styling or CSS can be an excellent approach to have clean and beautiful navigation. For search engine crawlers, it can be difficult to explore the comprehensive site and to follow the hierarchy structure when the navigation has been built upon script languages such as JavaScript, Flash, and AJAX. As stated earlier the styling approach has been considered to be the safest method for search engine optimization as well as to optimize for mobile navigation that should be taken into consideration in the modern applications era.

Navigation Styling for SEO
Navigation Styling for SEO